Audition Technique Workshop

Course Overview:

This two-hour workshop will help you learn how to maximize your strengths in an audition situation, whether for musical theater, opera, pop, or contemporary music. You will:

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to communicate with a pianist, audition panel, or production team.
  • Learn how to prepare sheet music or lead sheets, including properly marking cuts.
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Musical Theater Performance Workshop

Course Overview

Musical Theater Performance Workshop is an exploration of musical theater in a studio workshop setting. Students will the study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers. As this is a workshop course, students will prepare material for in-class work, critique, and presentations. An overview of musical theater history and repertoire will be covered, as well as basic audition techniques. The class will give a final public showcase performance at the end of the workshop, consisting of solos, small groups, and ensembles.

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Integrative Voice Therapy/Voice and Movement

Many of us use our voices for a living, whether we are singers, teachers, public speakers, fitness instructors, or business owners.

Have you been experiencing vocal fatigue after a day of voice use? After phone conversations?

Do you feel self-conscious about your voice?

Integrative Voice Therapy is available in 1 hour sessions. Over the course of these sessions you will achieve benefits including:

  • Increased body, mind and emotional awareness
  • Mind-Body-Breath connection
  • Increased vocal function and power
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